It's so good to hear Avril Lavigne on the radio again! The Canadian singer is hard at work finalizing her fifth studio album, which is rumoured to be due in September. "Here's To Never Growing Up" has been doing moderately well around the world but RCA is moving on to the second single, which I want to share with you this morning. "Rock N Roll" premiered in this week and was written by Lavigne with the help of David Hodges (Evanescence, Fallenand husband Chad Kroeger (Nickelback). A definite radio anthem and very Avril Lavigne, I expect this one to do better than the lead single from the album and hopefully it will generate enough hype for her new album to debut with nice sales numbers later in the year.

I've been spinning this one on repeat this week and hope you will enjoy it too. I had a conversation with one of my colleagues about it sounding a lot more like old-school Avril (though still fairly generic and geared for radio) but I do also hope that we'll catch a glimpse of Under My Skin Avril on the new album too. She has a way with words like few others and is able to deliver emotional intent on a song a lot better than most of the female pop singers out there in the industry. To fans worrying that Avril won't deliver a lot of tracks on her new album - she has reportedly recorded enough material for two albums and is looking to potentially release two albums back-to-back. Nothing is confirmed yet but I say 'the more, the merrier'. Request "Rock N Roll" on your local station if you like what you hear and keep an eye out for more of Avril as we head into the latter stages of the year.

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